Our artisans

At Tizana Mexicana, we believe that artisans are the backbone of Mexican culture and heritage. The majority of Mexican artisans work in rural communities, where they face challenges such as a lack of access to materials and tools, a lack of support, and competition from cheaper industrial products.

Seventy percent of artisans in Mexico live in rural areas, and 60% of them are living in poverty. The most popular types of Mexican handicrafts are textiles, followed by ceramics and pottery. There is also a wide variety of crafts produced in metal, glass, wood, and other materials.

At Tizana Mexicana, we understand that artisans are often undervalued and struggle to make a living through their artistic activities. 

One of the biggest challenges faced by Mexican artisans is the lack of recognition and economic support for their work. Artisans often struggle to market their products and obtain fair prices for their work. Additionally, they have to compete with mass-produced and cheap products made by large companies, which further limits their ability to generate sustainable income.

Cultural appropriation is another serious problem faced by Mexican artisans, as large companies and individuals often use traditional Mexican designs and motifs without proper attribution or compensation. This practice can erode the cultural heritage of Mexican artisans and limit their ability to profit from their own designs.

At Tizana Mexicana, we are committed to supporting and valuing Mexican artisans. We aim to create a partnership with artisans as a distributor and online marketplace, which will help to improve and develop the sector and bring new opportunities for the artisans.

We understand that many artisans lack access to resources and training in business skills and marketing, and struggle to preserve and transmit their artisanal skills and traditions to younger generations. We believe that by providing access to technology, marketing support, and business training, we can help artisans grow their businesses and reach new markets.

Through our platform, we want to create a bridge between the artisan and the consumer, showcasing the beauty and cultural richness of Mexican handicrafts, while helping to ensure that artisans receive fair compensation for their work.