Care Guide- Talavera- Mexican pottery

Talavera Care Guide

Introduction to Talavera Pottery

Crafted in accordance with the authentic Mexican and Spanish pottery tradition dating back to the 15th century, Talavera is a form of ceramic artistry recognized for its vibrant colors and intricate designs. In 2020, Talavera was honored as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, showcasing its significance in the global cultural landscape.

What is Talavera?

Talavera, a type of colorful glazed ceramic, isn't just an artistic creation but a heritage that adorns various facets of life, including tiles, architectural embellishments, kitchen utensils, and decorative sculptures. Handmade by skilled Mexican artisans from Puebla, Mexico, each piece undergoes over 100 meticulous processes, spanning from kneading the clay to the final firing, often taking more than ten days to complete.

Care Instructions

  • Handwash Only: Due to its handcrafted nature and delicate paintwork, Talavera requires gentle care. Avoid using dishwashers or abrasive cleaning materials that might compromise its intricate designs.
  • Handle with Care: While Talavera is durable, it's best to handle it with care to prevent accidental chips or breakage.

Talavera's Cultural Significance

Declared a World Heritage Site in 2019, Talavera embodies a five-century-old ceramic tradition originating in Spain before finding its unique identity in Mexico. As stated by Jacqueline España, a Talavera Artisan, "What matters most to us is to create a piece that makes you, the recipient, happy. A joyful piece is one that people will like and that will make them feel good."

Artisan- Jacqueline España

Describes Talavera's essence: "Craftsmanship forms part of the environment in which you live. It's an integral part of the essence of the place." With over 110 different processes involved in its creation, Talavera varies between workshops, each reflecting its distinctive craftsmanship.

 Jacqueline Espana- Talavera Artisan

Versatile Uses

Traditionally used for tableware, vases, and home decorations in Mexico, Talavera's versatility makes it a cherished addition to various settings, adding a touch of tradition and artistry to daily routines.


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